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you dont even know mister

you have no idea

5 February
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i like basically all metal and most rock and ROLL!

who made who told you to beg for me.
you aint no fun. am i going crazy?
are you ready? because im back in business. i love being back in black.

3 doors down, a perfect circle, ac/dc, acceptance, adidas, advice, alice in chains, basketball, black and white photography, black sabbath, blondie, blue oyster cult, classic rock, clothes, clutch, cradle of filth, dancing, dead bodies everywhere, dirt, dorks, dreams, drums, eskimos, expression, flick of the switch, fly on the wall, follow the leader, freak on a leash, freaks, fun, garbage, geeks, gimme a bullet, girls got rythm, godsmack, gone shootin', green day, guitar, guns n' roses, gymnastics, halloween, heart, heavy metal, highway to hell, hippies, if you want blood, inject the venom, invader zim, it's gonna go away, it's on, jailbreak, jet, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, kissin' dynamite, korn, korn freaks, koяn, laughing, led zeppelin, let there be rock, life is peachy, lost, loud music, love at first feel, love hungry man, lowrider, madonna, make me bad, marcy playground, marcys playground, megadeth, metal, mistress for christmas, motorcycles, mr. rogers, munky, music, nerds, nervous shakedown, nirvana, no doubt, overdose, ozzy, p.o.d, paper clips, photography, pin-ups, pink flamingos, pink floyd, poems, poetry, psychology, queen, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, rob zombie, rock, rock aint noise pollution, rock and roll, rock your heart out, roller coasters, ruff stuff, safety pins, seether, shake your foundations, she's got balls, shoot to thrill, shoots and ladders, singing in the shower, skateboarding, slayer, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, somebody someone, stars, swimming, the beach, the cure, the darkness, the donnas, the doors, the razor's edge, the who, the yeah yeah yeahs, this means war, thunderstruck, touch too much, veruca salt, vintage, vintage pin-ups, walk all over you, walking, water, weezer, wicked, wings, wrestling, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga,