edina (twistedxsandman) wrote,

dont take candy from a stranger unless they offer you a ride

stayed up all night. its so weird being awake. like when the sun is out. all this daylight. it sucks. the back of my neck hurts. my nails are freakishly orange. i should find something to eat. yuck. later. ps :: you do understand ill prob edit this entry? kk? *wink* i was eating fudge and grapes. but now they fudge disappear. someone stole it from my fingers while i was eating it. sad. now all i have left are these stupid grapes. stupid grapes. they are light green and taste weird. i want water. my grapes are gone. someone stole them too. :( were does food go after you eat it? lol. just kidding. my room is fucked up.
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