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[21st September, 2004. 12:29 am.]
no i did not mean to put those there chris.
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[27th August, 2004. 8:32 am.]
[ mood | sh.t. but i feel chipper. ]

school = monday.

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deleted. [12th August, 2004. 7:41 pm.]
journal entry.
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dont take candy from a stranger unless they offer you a ride [3rd August, 2004. 11:39 am.]

stayed up all night. its so weird being awake. like when the sun is out. all this daylight. it sucks. the back of my neck hurts. my nails are freakishly orange. i should find something to eat. yuck. later. ps :: you do understand ill prob edit this entry? kk? *wink* i was eating fudge and grapes. but now they fudge disappear. someone stole it from my fingers while i was eating it. sad. now all i have left are these stupid grapes. stupid grapes. they are light green and taste weird. i want water. my grapes are gone. someone stole them too. :( were does food go after you eat it? lol. just kidding. my room is fucked up.
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[2nd August, 2004. 10:00 pm.]
no one will ever understand. but i didnt give anyone much of a chance. its isnt the easiest the
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[2nd August, 2004. 2:10 pm.]
i should do certain things.
but i prob. wont.
people will prob. try to force me to go to the pool.
and shit i didnt eat breakfast. entire eating for the rest of the day is runined.
cant talk to colin on aim.
hes on the plane to austrilia right now i think.
doing anything is too much effort.
so i will do unimportant. trival things.
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[1st August, 2004. 5:09 pm.]
why do you want me to update? ps :: couldnt get online since sunday. this sunday. got it back last night.

thing that was driving me insane is gone forever.

kateboarded. with brittany. went around town. went down this steep hill. and she jumped off pretty early. i jumped off a little while after. and then i kept wanted to go back on it. she says its my hill now and stuff. i went half way up it again and went down. the thing is at the end there is a lake and you dont know where to stop really so yeah. cant wait to go there again. her hill is the one by the basketball court. im wearing a bikini thing under my clothes but im not sure if i want to go swimming. heh i went running down that hill that was fun. ran fast. heh if i ever need a place to workout i should go there. made a little sexual joke about my skateboard. so should i or should i not go to the pool again?

Shit happens. Jul. 31, 2004
got sunburn today. on my face mostly. sucks. damn. should have been wearing sunscreen these past few days. i dont want a mother effin tan or burn. heh thankful my legs are still pale. pissed off a little because my arms are a little tan. they used to be more tan. okay so today my aunt, uncle, and baby cusion came over. feel like i am being ignored. dont ask. so that insane annoying thing is gone forever. and i went swimming with my uncle and dad in the pool. and the baby was in the baby pool so i was in there too. hey brought gifts. like usual. hmm. and a like two pictures. from the time we were at their place. and my mom said i looked good in the picture so that made me feel good. hehe. skateboarded with brittany today. and the other day i skated with her and sean. he is my friend too. he was my friend first. etc. etc. people worried about me. certain people. *sighs* and i did some other stuff. other things happened. tnothing on tv. watched a few movies while i was away. like shes the one, pretty woman, eight legged freaks, etc. ps if you are not my friend then fucking tell me i hate having to look through the list over and over figuring out who is and who isnt. err just tell me you didnt add me or unadded me. k bitches? *smiled for a second* i am kind of unhappy at the moment. yesterday i went to the park.
Mood : discontent unwanted & unloved

Bondage. Bondage! BONDAGE! Jul. 31, 2004
im back bitch, ah! :D tell you more later.
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[24th July, 2004. 8:15 pm.]
still going insane. uncomfortable. hm i should clean my room some more. I went downstairs and i noticed that my right rib was very itchy. so i was itching it and then realized when i pulled my shirt up a bit that a bug bit me. why must they insist on leaving red marks on my body? i dusted a little. i just want to shower again. woke up around three. went to bed around sixsixsex. hahaha. :D just kidding. i went to bed around six though. i want to clean my room some more but i am feeling a bit lazy or tired. mmm...*licked lips* thoughts. my friend is coming home tomorrow. rip me apart. i spent all night doing things. broke a light bulb. etc. etc. and i spent all night talking to Colin. dont tell anyone. heh heh.
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[23rd July, 2004. 7:43 pm.]
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my favorite test result [23rd July, 2004. 7:38 pm.]
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